Cures for Bipolar Disorder


According to the NIMH, around 51 million people worldwide are suffering from bipolar disorder right now. Although current medical treatments can help, their troublesome side effects and incomplete therapeutic effects mean that they are not nearly good enough to cure the disease outright. People with bipolar disorder deserve better. At One Mind Institute, we believe cures for bipolar disorder are not just necessary but possible, and we are committed to funding the hunt.

One Mind Institute-funded scientists are already accomplishing encouraging progress toward cures. Dr. Colleen McClung’s research has revealed that two specific drugs, which inhibit genes governing bipolar symptoms, reverse manic-like behaviors in mouse models of bipolar disorder. Dr. Jean-Martin Beaulieu is investigating a biochemical reaction in the brain which can be putatively targeted to replicate the therapeutic effect of lithium, but with much lesser (or perhaps no) side effects.

 “Brain diseases really get to the heart of who we are as human beings,” says One Mind Institute funded scientist Dr. Vikaas Sohal. “How we feel, and how we relate to the world and to other people. So, of course we want to help everybody function as best they can.”

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