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Introducing One Mind Care Connect

One Mind Institute is excited to announce One Mind Care Connect, a new research initiative that seeks to connect more families to earlier, improved treatment and support for psychosis.

The program merges the work of Partners for StrongMinds (P4SM), a non-profit project founded by Chantel Garrett in 2014 to demystify psychosis and connect families to care, with a developing One Mind Institute research initiative focused on improving early intervention treatment. Not unlike the Staglin family story, Chantel's work is fueled by her brother's experience living with schizophrenia.

The combined effort expands P4SM's nationwide advocacy and personal storytelling platform under the One Mind Institute brand, and complements its grassroots approach with translational research that will help us learn more about how to best evolve and scale early psychosis treatment in the United States.

Together, One Mind Care Connect's objective is to build demand for earlier care (grow awareness; dismantle stigma) while improving access to and the quality of treatment through innovative programs that drive collaboration between young people living with psychosis and their families, researchers and clinicians.

The Long Short Game

One Mind Institute remains 100% committed to finding cures for brain disorders. We consider this the long game -- and one that we are laser-focused on winning.

However, it is also imperative that more people gain access to effective care when it matters most. The personal journeys through recovery from early stage psychosis that inspired the formation of One Mind Care Connect involve a level of care and social support that is still not widely available or known about today. This gap underscores the critical short-term opportunity to transform the way that psychosis is detected, treated and understood in the United States.

With three decades of evidence supporting early psychosis treatment from around the globe, we now have a good understanding of what an effective treatment model comprises. Winning the short game is about shortening the long pathway to care for all Americans (still more than one year in the U.S.), and ensuring that treatment is as effective, empowering, and affordable as possible.

Current projects

One Mind Care Connect's early psychosis research program currently includes:

  • The development of a learning healthcare network that will enable translational research to improve early psychosis treatment. You can learn more about the network here.
  • Strong 365, a youth resource hub that helps connect young people and their families to care for early stage psychosis. In partnership with a research team at Northwell Health in New York City, the project is currently testing the efficacy of digital marketing strategies to identify young people (and their networks) in the early stages of psychosis, engage them in online help-seeking, and refer them to early psychosis care.
  • Enhanced online content and family-focused resources (stay tuned)!

What is early treatment & where to find help

The goal of early treatment is to support a young person in getting back to the life they want to lead through a range of intensive supports.

Treatment typically includes psychological, educational/vocational and family-based therapeutic support, lowest effective dose medications (as-needed), and supports aimed at maintaining or regaining full cognitive and social function.

Learn more about early psychosis treatment and find the center nearest you.


One Mind Care Connect is guided by a group of passionate leaders whose lives have been touched in some way by psychosis. One Mind Institute's Brandon Staglin and One Mind's Chief Science Officer Mona Hicks lead the development of One Mind's early psychosis research program, and together with the project's National Youth Leadership Board, Chantel Garrett leads Strong 365.

Our collective vision is for every young person in America facing psychosis to have an equal chance to chase their dreams.

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