New Executive Director for OMI's Online Guide to Digital Mental Health Technologies

Rutherford, CaliforniaMarch 1, 2017 – One Mind Institute (OMI) and Northwestern University announced a new partnership to expand the depth of information provided by, and the reach of, PsyberGuide. With more than 165,000 emerging digital health technologies—from apps to more involved interventions—PsyberGuide is the world’s leading organization dedicated to providing consumers with unbiased and data-driven information to make informed decisions about what mental health apps and technologies might serve them best.

To lead this partnership’s work, Dr. Stephen Schueller, PhD, an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies, will serve as the Executive Director of PsyberGuide. In this role, Dr. Schueller will continue the critical work of PsyberGuide and chart a course for its future growth and increased utility for mental health consumers around the world. Dr. Michael Knable, the founding Executive Director of PsyberGuide, will continue to serve as the Chairman of PsyberGuide’s Scientific Advisory Board.

“One Mind Institute has long been dedicated to championing successful digital health interventions,” said Brandon Staglin, Board Director of One Mind Institute. “We are honored to partner with Northwestern University and to welcome Dr. Schueller to our team to help patients and practitioners around the world understand the costs and benefits of these tools, so they can find the most effective ones for themselves or their patients. There is an incredible proliferation of organizations and companies entering the space, and Dr. Schueller’s talents and experience suit him ideally to lead this work.”

Northwestern has long been committed to studying behavioral interventions, especially their intersection with technology. In 2011, Dr. David Mohr founded Northwestern’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies which strives to be the premier academic and technical hub for collaborative interdisciplinary research on behavioral intervention technologies. Since then, CBITs has supported over 65 grants and projects all over the world.  Said Dr. Mohr, Director of Northwestern’s CBITs, “We are excited about this partnership between CBITs andOne Mind Institute to build upon PsyberGuide’s success to date and make it the go-to guide for information about digital mental health interventions.”

“I look forward to leading PsyberGuide and working with the One Mind Institute and my colleagues at Northwestern and across the country to provide necessary information to consumers of these technologies,” said Dr. Schueller. “Together we’ll advance our mutual mission to empower folks managing mental health challenges.”


About PsyberGuide

PsyberGuide is a non-profit website dedicated to consumers seeking to make responsible and informed decisions about computer and device-assisted therapies for mental illnesses. PsyberGuide is also intended for professionals and researchers seeking to enhance their knowledge in this area. PsyberGuide is not an industry website; its goal is to provide accurate and reliable information about software designed to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorders. PsyberGuide is committed to ensuring that this information is available to all, and that it is free of preference, bias, or endorsement. PsyberGuide is a project of One Mind Institute.

About Dr. Stephen Schueller

Dr. Stephen Schueller is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and a member of Northwestern University’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies.  He and his team at Northwestern will work to advance the mission and scope of PsyberGuide. Dr. Schueller obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and his research is focused on using internet and mobile interventions in behavioral and mental health service delivery.

About One Mind Institute

One Mind Institute is a public nonprofit organization committed to improving lives globally by raising awareness, supporting innovative services, and funding open science to find preventions and cures for all brain illnesses. Contributions to One Mind Institute and its affiliate, One Mind, have resulted in over $260 million for research, changed thousands of lives, and funded stunning discoveries for better therapies now and tomorrow.

About Northwestern University

Northwestern University was chartered in 1851 and its growth has paralleled the dynamic rise of metropolitan Chicago.  It is one of the premier undergraduate and graduate universities in the world. Located on NU’s Chicago campus, the Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM) is currently ranked 18th among US medical schools by US News & World Report. Northwestern’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) is the leading academic center in the nation for the development and evaluation of intervention technologies for mental health.

"When I heard of the groundbreaking work the Staglins were doing through their organization One Mind Institute, such as research into preventing schizophrenia from ever occurring, I hoped to meet them. When I did I was amazed by their non-stop energy and complete devotion to the cause. But most of all, I was moved by their sincere desire to share ideas with people from all backgrounds and fields. As I continue to create films to inspire empathy for those with mental illness, I remain inspired by the Staglins and what One Mind Institute has done to transform mental health research and improve lives. "
"Having struggled with schizophrenia since a young woman, I am deeply grateful for what One Mind Institute does. One Mind Institute’s unwavering commitment to support research is an inspiration to those of us who long for the day when a cure for serious mental illness is found. I think of One Mind Institute as a good friend and kindly mentor who has taken up my cause and fights for my mental health each and every day."
"The support of One Mind Institute has been absolutely essential to all of the psychosis prediction and prevention efforts of CAPPS and the NAPLS. On behalf of the patients and families who have received high quality clinical services in our program regardless of their ability to pay, and on behalf of the numerous dedicated members of our research and clinical treatment teams, I am so incredibly grateful for One Mind Institute’s generous contributions. On a personal note, it is very inspiring to see the huge gains made for mental health research and awareness over the past several years, which have been sparked in large part by the efforts of the Staglin family."
"One Mind Institute has distinguished itself as a leader in the fight against brain disease. One Mind Institute’s vision of a world without mental illness seems beyond reach only to those who have not seen firsthand the intensity of One Mind Institute’s dedication and focus. These folks are not giving up until they’ve won. The Saks Institute is delighted to be One Mind Institute’s partner in the fight."
"One Mind Institute is an organization equal parts compassion and science. A critical component of their work is advocacy and voice for millions of people who live with mental illnesses. Equally important is the incredible efforts they provide to further research in learning more about the brain and identifying effective treatments for brain diseases. One Mind Institute is a leader in the field of mental illness!"
"From the moment I found One Mind Institute and met the amazing Staglin family I knew that my advocacy would grow by leaps and bounds. Through their dedication and commitment I found a community of brilliant scientists, passionate philanthropists, music lovers and a new mental health family to call my own. I cherish the work One Mind Institute does every day to advance the research on brain disorders, to increase the awareness around mental illness and mental health and to create a community of love and support for advocates everywhere. I would not be the person I am today without the inspiration One Mind Institute has provided me."
"One Mind Institute, thank you again for funding CAPPS/ABBRC. Our daughter, Anna, participated in the program 2012-2013 and just received her final assessment. While this research helps others, know how much we appreciated participating with such genuinely dedicated people (very well selected to work with adolescents). It was very helpful for us as well, and provides us with even more hope. We're so impressed with the program."
"As a family member of someone living with schizoaffective disorder, I am proud to support One Mind Institute’s profoundly important work. One Mind Institute allows those touched in some way by psychiatric illness to take action and work toward solutions by helping to spur early stage research. One Mind Institute’s audacious mission to find a cure for psychiatric illness in one generation is what it will take to make meaningful progress, and holds the promise of changing millions of lives around the globe. "

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