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A Family Dedicated to Improving Brain Health

When Shari and Garen Staglin's son Brandon was diagnosed with schizophrenia, they realized that advancements in scientific research were vital to understanding mental illness. And so they took action. In 20 years the Staglins have made great leaps to help increase funding and awareness for brain disease and injuries research.


Fighting The Mental Illness Epidemic–Together

The human suffering of mental illness is as old as classical literature and as timely as today’s headlines. Because people don’t like to talk about it, mental illness has grown into a bigger societal issue than most of us realize. If One Mind Institute has anything to say about it, it will not stay that way—and you can help.

Today, one out of every four people on this planet suffers from a psychiatric illness. These illnesses are the number one cause of disability worldwide. The global economic burden from mental illnesses is estimated at nearly $2.5 trillion dollars annually. Over one million people each year will end their lives in suicide, and about 90% of these people will have had a psychiatric condition. Maybe you are reading this page because someone close to you is suffering.

Although psychiatric treatments available today aid many people, each comes with troublesome side effects, incomplete therapeutic effects, and, for significant proportions of patients, no beneficial effect at all. What if, when people with mental illness sought out care, they could receive treatments that would help them reliably, safely, and satisfactorily? What if psychiatric diseases could be cured?

At One Mind Institute, we believe that effective approaches for recovery for persons with mental illness—perhaps even cures—can be attained within our lifetime. With your help, neuroscience will provide the key.

One Mind Institute funds the most promising neuroscientists who are growing our knowledge of how psychiatric disease works and our ability to heal those diseases at their roots. This funding works: Every One Mind Institute scientist funded from 2005 through 2012 has already received follow-on grants from the government or from private foundations to expand the research they began with One Mind Institute funding. Altogether, between donated and leveraged funding, One Mind Institute has raised over $225 million for neuroscience, such that for every dollar donated, three dollars have been provided to research.

This research is already paying off for patients. The consortia One Mind Institute has funded for psychosis prevention research have treated over 1000 clients, so far preventing conversion to psychosis with 65% success. So far, two One Mind Institute-funded scientists have discovered potential treatments (for depression and cognitive decline) so promising that they have partnered with industry to turn them into medications.

One Mind Institute was founded in 1995 by Shari and Garen Staglin, who, inspired by their experience with their son Brandon’s schizophrenia diagnosis and recovery, realized that “running toward the problem” could provide solutions not just for their own family but for people everywhere affected by mental illness. Since then, their tireless work, with their board and staff, has transformed the landscape of brain health research and inspired advocates around the world.

“Having struggled with schizophrenia since a young woman, I am deeply grateful for what One Mind Institute does,” says Elyn Saks, author of The Center Cannot Hold. “One Mind Institute’s unwavering commitment to support research is an inspiration to those of us who long for the day when a cure for serious mental illness is found.  I think of One Mind Institute as a good friend and kindly mentor who has taken up my cause and fights for my mental health each and every day.”

If, like us, you care about improving recovery prospects for people with mental illness and preventing illness in those at risk, we invite you to contribute to One Mind Institute today.


Our History


A small concert in Napa Valley bloomed into The Music Festival for Mental Health at the Staglin Family Vineyard, bringing together renowned chefs and wineries, top-bill musicians, and leading scientists to raise significant funds and awareness.


The Music Festival grew to the next level by becoming One Mind Institute. One Mind Institute now produces additional fundraising events around the nation, plus has increased their reach via additional board members, advisors, and global scientists— all working toward the same goal of finding cures for mental illness for this and future generations.


Founded by One Mind Institute, Glenn Close, Fountain House and The Balanced Mind Foundation, BringChange2Mind was born with a mission to be the world’s most effective organization in erasing the stigma and discrimination around mental illness. Our first PSA was directed by Ron Howard and includes a song by John Mayer. View the PSA and learn more


One Mind Institute co-founder Garen Staglin worked with Congressman Patrick Kennedy to co-chair the launch of the One Mind for Research Campaign. Now headed by General (Ret.) Peter Chiarelli, One Mind is creating public/private partnerships to radically accelerate open science to benefit all affected by brain illness and injury. Learn more


As a project of One Mind Institute, the inaugural Kennedy Forum brought together advocates from the mental illness, substance abuse, and intellectual disability healthcare communities to create a national conversation to solve issues of stigma and access to care. Now, The Kennedy Forum continues to work to improve behavioral healthcare policy. Learn more

Also in 2013, One Mind Institute took over management of PsyberGuide, an online consumer guide for selecting software and apps for managing mental health conditions. One Mind Institute Board member Matt Bowman conceived of the website and recruited Dr. Michael Knable to manage the project. Learn more about PsyberGuide.


Advocate Chantel Garrett launched the Partners for StrongMinds (P4SM) as a sponsored project under One Mind Institute to educate the public about the importance and availability of early treatment for youth at risk for psychosis. The project included the development of a youth hub for early psychosis, Strong 365, as well as the launch of a research project that is evaluating of the efficacy of digital forms of outreach to identify people with early stage psychosis and refer them to care.


The work of Partners for StrongMinds became an embedded program of One Mind Institute, combining P4SM's public outreach and education focus with a new research initiative focused on improving patient care at early psychosis intervention centers. Learn more about One Mind Care Connect.


The People and Organizations Behind One Mind Institute

Meet our Board of Governors, Scientific Advisory Board and Partners who care passionately about raising and directing funds for mental health research.

One Mind Institute Board of Directors

Garen Staglin, Co-Chairman

Co-Founder of One Mind; Co-Owner of the Staglin Family Vineyard; Partner, private equity firms; Former NARSAD Board Member; One Mind Institute Board Member

Patrick Kennedy, Director

Co-Founder of One Mind; Former U.S. Congressman of Rhode Island; Next Chapter LLC; One Mind Institute Board Member

Shari Staglin, Director

Co-Founder of One Mind; Co-Owner and CEO of Staglin Family Vineyard; Founding President and Board Member of Staglin Music Festival for Brain Health; NARSAD Director Emeritus; Founding President and Board Member of One Mind Institute

Caryl Athanasiu, Director

Wells Fargo & Company, Executive Vice President and Chief Operational Risk Officer; One Mind Institute Board Member

Gary Bridge, Director

Retired Managing Director of Horsley Bridge Partners; San Francisco Ballet Trustee and Board Member; Nutrinsic Corporation Board Member; Accordia Global Health Foundation International Council Member; One Mind Institute Board Member

Nancy Dearman, Director

Vice Chairman of Kotter International; One Mind Institute Board Member

Gary Gottlieb, Director

President and CEO of Partners HealthCare Systems; Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; One Mind Institute Board Member

Marlys Palumbo, Director

Van Ness Feldman; All Star Orchestra President of the Board of Directors President; Seattle Symphony Orchestra Honorary Lifetime Trustee; One Mind Institute Board Member

Vince Rinaldi, Director

Founder and CEO of Corporate Advisors Inc.; Former President of PNC Equipment Finance Division; Ronald McDonald House Board Member; Lindner Center of Hope Board Member; One Mind Institute Board Member

Brandon Staglin, Director

One Mind Institute Communications Director; Staglin Family Vineyard Communications Director; Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America Consumer Advisory Council; The Stability Network Stability Leader; One Mind Institute Board Member

Gwill York, Director

Lighthouse Capital Partners Co-Founder;  Formerly at Salomon Brothers, Fidelity Investments and Comdisco Ventures; Chair of Museum of Science Board of Trustees and Chair-elect of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows; One Mind Institute Board Member. 


Scientific Board

One Mind Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading brain scientists who perform pioneering research in their fields, giving them unique perspectives on where science should go. This SAB guides the selection of our Rising Star Award winners and monitors Rising Stars for research quality and progress.

Huda Akil, Ph.D.

University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry Professor and Co-Director

Samuel Barondes, M.D.

University of California San Francisco Center for Neurobiology and Psychiatry Director

Steven Hyman, M.D.

Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Director of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University

Shitij Kapur, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.P.C., Ph.D.

Kings College London Institute of Psychiatry Vice Dean (Research) and Professor

Pat Levitt, Ph.D.

Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute Director University of S. California Keck School of Medicine Department of Cell & Neurobiology Chairman

David Lewis, M.D.

University of Pittsburgh Translational Neuroscience Program Director and Professor

Robert Malenka, M.D., Ph.D.

Stanford University Pritzker Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences & Director of the Nancy Pritzker Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Geoffrey T. Manley, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Helen S. Mayberg, M.D.

Emory University School of Medicine Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences & Neurology Professor

Eric J. Nestler, M.D., Ph.D., Chair

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Brain Institute Director

Trevor Robbins, Ph.D., F.R.S.

University of Cambridge Department of Experimental Psychology Professor


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